CRM Workshop on Graphs and Arithmetic, 8–12 Mar 2010

Omer Angel

Jean Bourgain

Mei-Chu Chang

Anne de Roton

Yang Fang

Elena Fuchs

Alexey Glibichuk

Jerome William Hoffman

Ming-Hsuang Kang

Dubi Kelmer

Alex Kontorovich

Alex Lubotzky

Ram Murty

László Pyber

Igor Shparlinski

Adrián Ubis

Péter Varjú

Chian-Jen Wang

Gilles Zémor

Tamar Ziegler

L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph

View from l'Oratoire

View from Summit Hill

Mount Royal Cross

Ice skating in Vieux-Port

... was clearly Péter's idea

Near Mont-Royal Chalet

Gilles and Omer show tricks

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